Amusing girls in the world of their own 
 chapter II

her name is diana 
she loves to play cart, and pulled small cars
the head without a body pieces she brought to her house. 
she quickly took a small ball to replace the eye

hello, her name is clara
she likes to climb a tree, swinging on a a sturdy branch
was accompanied by her friends that her had taken from their bodies this morning

her name is shirley
 her hobbies reading book in the dark room
less light 
she loves her bookshelves
because there the whole of her family members smiling stiffly

amusing girls in the world of their own

her name is olin , she's like a picnic, bring a lot of lunch. 
One day there was no friend who would join to her .
 She guessed, she laughed, but finally they will come too. this time become her  lunch meal.

her name is luce , 
always hanged. never certain. Sometimes just being played.
poor her 

her name is ema 
She likes gardening, her parents were a farmer. 
every day she loves to visit her father's garden. 
harvest season finally arrived, 
she picked a lot of fruit there.
 fruit-haired and with a human face

gah! r u piggy?!

Fifer Pig: He's building another wolf machine. He must be crazy in the beans.
Fiddler Pig: To work all day is fun for him, but not for us. Let's take a swim!
Practical Pig: Don't go swimming, do ya hear?! The pond ain't safe; the wolf is near!
[a hammer piece falls on his head, then the two pigs laugh]
Fifer and Fiddler Pig[singing] He's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf! [they make razzling and whistling noises]

(three little pig)


“No matter where you go, there you are. ” – Buckaroo Banzai, Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension


meludah itu mengeluarkan cairan berlebihan yang tidak berguna lagi dan hanya mengganggu sistem permulutan ya itu lah mungkin ya. 
ketika kamu ada di sistem apapun yang ada di kehidupan saya, saya merasa kamu itu seperti cairan berlebihan yang tidak berguna, dan risih rasanya kalau tidak segera saya "cuh" kan .
selamat menikmati pendaratan yang sempurna layaknya ludah untuk kamu. 

gabriel dias agatha
pena on canson paper 

pernah merasa 

kalau katanya  edward scissor hand :
"hold me " 
"i cant "

"never felt"
gabriel dias agatha 
pena on canson paper 

how about this pain ? 

when i realized, that u were just a perfect liar . 
u just smiled, when u see the pieces of my bodies 
big smiled