r a i n i n m y m o u t h 

in memoriam sebastian 
penderita leukimia, pasien RSK kanker dharmais, usia 7 tahun, meninggal pada tanggal 21 desember 2011 pukul 04.00. anak yang tangguh, sahabat yang lucu, perenang handal, kami akan sangat rindu padamu sebastian.. 
sampai jumpa di dunia baruu.
(ost: wish u were here by pink floyd)

live quietly in the tree house

how wonderfull life, now you are in my world.. 

feel the wind, touch the air 

i'm drowning in a sea of love , as if i must die for it

they say " the tree is my great companion

t h e s o s r o t e a b o t t l e

 moms..MOMS!!!! MOMS~
i love that guy

like a clouds, my eyes will do the same,
 if u walk away,
 everyday , it will rain.. (it will rain by bruno mars)
just for u,, pobblee..

she get upsets 

like and animals, careless and free (savage garden)

(coraline, Neil gaiman)

special for vita khairunisa dan kori

and for beatrik sara naomi wiyh her boyfriend, febri